To really get close up and personal with Rhodes, get out the coach, don your hiking boots, breath in the sweet, fresh air and feel yourself unwind as the natural splendors’ of the island work their wonders.  Rhodes is a walkers’ paradise as there really is no end to the choice of where to walk or what to see.  From walks in and around the Old Town to walking alongside the coastal roads, up Ataviros Mountain, or through the forests, the choices are many and varied.
A few suggestions to the many possibilities of chosen trails you may prefer:

Walk the Walls of the Old Town – duration 1-2 hours
This walk combined with the rich history of the Old Town and the spectacular views, affords even the least fit person a chance to appreciate the size and enormity of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Old Town.

Archangelos to Seven Springs – duration 3-4hours
Trickling streams, rustic bridges and a lake feeding the spring that’s named Efta Piges, our walk starts from the village of Archangelos. The tarmac road soon gives way to a dirt track that winds its way through land which bears fruit trees in fenced areas and then opens up to pine trees and olive groves. As we approach Seven Springs the pine trees become denser and the evidence of water is apparent. Cool your feet, take off your walking boots and walk through an underground tunnel that runs under a wooded hill to feed the lake. The return to Archangelos takes us on an alternative route with a contrasting landscape.

Ataviros Mountain – duration approx. 7hours
This walk which tackles the highest mountain on Rhodes starts at Embonas; a village that is an ideal place for the beginning and end of our walk.  By getting an early start, it is possible to ascend most of the way on the shady side of the mountain, so by the time the sun catches up with us it is welcome as the height gain gives a coolness to the air. At the summit stands an ancient temple built for Zeus by Mycenaean settlers. Legend has it that Althimenes, Minoan founder of the town of Kamiros, used to climb here to view his beloved Crete, which is visible on a clear day. If the sky is clear – which it usually is – you too can enjoy these spectacular views. The initial part of the descent is on an old donkey track, possibly originating as access to the temple. Picking our way through the pine forest is a lovely change from the rockiness of the mountain and also keeps us out of the sun. A pleasant and steady rate of descent through the trees brings us out on the road, and back to Embonas.

Camping and Trekking – duration 2days
Camping in the mountainous heights of the Profitis Ilias area, trekking, quad biking, mountain biking, and picnicking are just some of the exciting activities we offer on a one night two day camping in the mountains trip.  For nature lovers, this is a superb location to spot flora and fauna, by day and star gaze of an evening.